Click on any of the questions below or scroll down to review all of OfficeCoffee.com's FAQs on the Request for Quote service. What is OfficeCoffee?
OfficeCoffee.com is a premium lead referral service that brings your office together with coffee, water, vending and food service providers in your local area. For no charge, we'll put you in touch with participating vendors to provide you the services you need.

How does the Lead Referral Service on OfficeCoffee.com work?
Buyers fill out our online request-for-quote form and submit their information and specific requirements to us. We then pass the sales lead onto 4 vendors in their geographic area. You will receive the lead via e-mail enabling you to contact the prospect directly.

How long does it take for sellers to receive the leads?
You get the full contact information of a hot sales prospect within two days after we receive them.

How many leads do I have to buy each month? As an OfficeCoffee.com member you can put a limit on the number of leads you want to receive each month to fit your budget.

When do I get charged for the leads I get?
Your credit card will be billed per lead. At the end of each month you will receive a statement recapping all of your account details.

What is OfficeCoffee's service guarantee?

OfficeCoffee.com guarantees that each customer lead you receive will be:
  • Within your service area.
  • Delivered to you within two days of it being submitted.
  • Not from one of your competitors.
If any lead we send you doesn't fit these requirements, OfficeCoffee.com will refund your referral fees for that lead.

How do I change my account details, add, edit or delete cities?
By logging in to our secure website you can change the amount of leads you want each month and add/delete or modify the geographic areas you want to receive leads from, and change any account information you wish.

How many other vendors will get access to each lead?
Our leads are passed on to 4 vendors initially and more at the buyer's request only. We limit the number of vendors for each lead so our prospects are not overwhelmed with phone calls or e-mails.

Can I purchase exclusive rights to one lead, or canI pay for closed leads only?
The answer is No. We cannot keep track of what leads are closed or not. The site is designed to provide the Buyer a variety of vendors, prices and services. If one company got all the leads then the buyer would feel that we are not really offering a service.

What is your Cancellation Policy?
You may cancel our service at anytime for any reason.

How do I sign up for OfficeCoffee's service?
All you have to do is fill out our vendor registration form, giving your company name, contact information, credit card number and account specifications. Visit our registration page

What are the account Terms & Conditions?
  • There is no minimum length of participation.
  • You are responsible for paying for all leads we provide you with.
  • There is no account maintenance fee.

How long will it take for my account to be activated?
You will be live immediately following the signup process. You will receive an alert via e-mail when you complete the process

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